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Why Your HR Department Should be Using Digital Signage

It seems harder than ever to communicate to employees, even when the number of ways to communicate is growing every day. Emails often go unread, social media and texting are too personally invasive, and people ignore paper posters. Even with all of the latest digital mediums to talk to employees, we still find that communicating important messages in a timely manner can be a challenge. This is why many organizations are starting to utilize digital signage, which can display relevant content that is always on and cannot be pushed to the bottom of an inbox. 

employee-communication-aerva.jpgCommunication Challenges in HR Department

Human Resource departments have the added challenge of pushing internal communications that are very important, yet not critical, which means  that these messages can often go to the bottom of the inbox. Sending benefit updates and open enrollment information is certainly important for each individual and their families, but we find that more and more employees push those emails to the back burner when more critical emails come through. When this happens it doesn’t take long for employees to forget about HR's message, which means that a reminder email will inevitably need to be sent. HR teams are always working hard to relay important information, but it shouldn't be this much of a challenge, there must be a better way. 

Newer forms of digital communication aren’t much better. Persistent chat tools like Slack are not the right forum for this information, and messages sent through social media groups follow a similar fate as email. Employee web pages can be great central resource, but it's difficult to get people to visit it on a regular basis.

The Best Way to Quickly Get HR Messages to Employees

For the reasons listed above many HR departments are beginning to install and utilize digital screens located throughout the office and building for their messaging. Digital signage allows the message to be always in front of employees and not pushed to the bottom of the inbox. Digital signage can increase engagement with initiatives like corporate health challenges and enrollment in company supported weight loss or stop smoking programs. Some of this important wellness information is only seen by employees a few times in a year, but with digital signage the screens can display this information on a daily basis.

Digital screens are a great tool for tracking company progress for any of these programs as well. HR staff can display a percentage of the company who has completed necessary forms, signed up for programs, or participated in company sponsored initiatives. Social proof is a very strong factor in helping people change their lifestyle, and with a digital signage program HR can congratulate and support employees who participate.

Similar to an online employee web page, digital signage can be updated instantly and changes can be distributed across all of the digital screens. The screens can be updated on a daily basis to show countdown clocks for deadlines or to push non-important information that typically would not merit a company-wide email. In addition to company information, digital screens can pull in data from multiple outside sources including social media, news, weather, traffic, etc. so that the displays can provide an element of entertainment for employees.

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The merits of utilizing digital signage in your communication strategy are tremendous. We have only just touched the surface of what's possible. Now may be the time to start considering how digital signage can play an integral role in your employee communication. The cost for digital signage is continuing to decrease, while the benefit it provides continues to outweigh the costs involved.

Want more information on how Digital Signage can transform employee communication in your organization? We are here to help.