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Why the Future of Digital Signage Is Cloud-based

The digital signage market is currently experiencing unprecedented growth.  Digital Signage Today reports the industry is expected to generate more than $32 billion in annual revenue by 2023.  That’s a growth rate of 7% over the next 6 years.  One of the biggest drivers of industry growth is cloud-based digital signage.


Generally speaking, digital signage is used for a multitude of purposes: dynamic advertising, menus, and touchscreen experiences among many other uses.  Digital signage has quickly become a more effective method of broadcasting vital information to a targeted audience.

But more specifically, cloud-based digital signage represents the future of the industry because of the business world’s ever-changing needs. 

Cloud-based digital signage is scalable.  Whether a business adds 2 screens or 1,000 to its portfolio, the technology can easily expand and adapt to new demands.  Additionally, companies can access the content from anywhere.  There’s no need to work directly from the office or headquarters to update content in real-time.  Cloud-based capabilities give businesses the ability to control their message through a simple content management system.

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Compared to a manually installed, independent digital signage network, cloud-based digital signage offers incredible savings.  When a company invests in its own network, this involves cable installation, a separate server, and the required equipment to keep the system from overheating.  The cloud-based option eliminates the need for these expenditures.  Instead, upfront costs are focused on the best-quality screens and access to CMS.

Cloud-based digital signage simplifies the advertising process and improves cost efficiency.  To find out more about our cloud-based digital signage options, visit

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