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Why Multiple Domains are Important for Digital Signage

Digital signage benefits organizations and universities in many ways. It offers an important medium for pushing corporate communications and campus messaging, although it comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is when multiple departments want exclusive access to the displays and signage in their building, yet request global access to content. 

IT teams find that this task is a difficult one to solve for. They can install multiple instances of a software on their network for each department, but this makes global digital signage content access almost impossible to achieve, and makes it hard for IT to see a global network overview. The IT department could create a folder structure on their internal network for global content to be stored, but this can cause challenges for individuals needing access content remotely.

The other option is to install a single signage software instance on campus and try to set some level of roles based permissions to prevent certain users from accessing another department’s displays. Most digital signage software platforms do not offer this functionality, meaning that each user has access to every display on the network. The upside to this is that users do have access to global content, yet it risks accidental changes to other users' playlists or removal of content.

Either of the above options does not fully solve the problem. The good news is that there is a solution, which is domain based content management.

With domain based content management, an organization can install a single instance of signage software on their network that offers the ability to create multiple domains. These domains can be accessed globally by IT staff and key administration, yet it will keep content management of individual displays and the associated content safe from members of other departments who may inadvertently make changes they should not. Content can be copied from domain to domain by admins who have access to multiple domains, which solves that problem as well.

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Deploying commercial signage can certainly be a challenge when content and network management need to be completed by multiple individuals or departments. This is why it’s important to understand if the digital signage software can support multiple domains, offering both global and refined views for network and content managers. These are the questions that can make or break your digital signage deployment from finding success…because there are certainly many digital signage networks failures due to similar issues.

Remember: controlling a digital signage network means more than giving people access, it means giving people access to only the tools, features and displays that they need to see.

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