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What is Digital Signage?

What is Digital Signage - SBI

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Simple Lower-End Digital Signage

Example: A USB stick playing a PowerPoint loop, plugged directly into a monitor.

  • Not networked. 
  • Not utilizing the cloud.
  • May not be using any digital signage software. 

Easy to set up. Good entry-level solution.

High-End Digital Signage

On the other end of the spectrum is high-end digital signage such as the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas where you have thousands of square feet of LEDs that are all computer controlled. They are striking, beautiful, and are very expensive. 

Aerva high-end digital signage use cases: 


The price can range from free on the lower end to millions of dollars for very involved LED type of displays like what you see in Time Square.

For example, Beats by Dre boosted their brand image by deploying interactive live campaigns using three enormous billboards in Times Square.