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What is Browser-Based Digital Signage?

Browser-based digital signage refers to how the content management software is accessed. Some software platforms require you to download a specific application to your computer or mobile device in order to have full access to the content management tools, but with browser-based software the full platform and feature set is accessible through any internet connected browser (i.e. chrome, Firefox, IE, safari, etc). This means that content and network managers can work on their signage network from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, desktop computer, or tablet.

Browser-based digital signage.pngThis is an important feature, as it allows access to every digital screen on a network to be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as you (and the screen) have a reliable internet connection. Content management responsibilities can be more diversified since users are not required to have software downloaded onto their device, which also means that all software updates are completed automatically without the need to download the updates to a specific device. Since everyone is accessing the same platform through a browser, the experience should be exactly the same no matter what device you are working off of.

Another thing to note is that most browser-based platforms are built in the cloud, which provides unrestricted access at any time. With a cloud-based solution, there is never a need to be in any specific location or connected to any specific network in order to access the platform. Alternatively, when the software lives on a internal server environment in a closed network there are often limits to how, where, and when it can be accessed.  

Browser-based content management software for digital screens makes sense in the digitally connected world. We can no longer assume that work will be done from a desktop computer in a specific location, rather software needs to be ubiquitous and accessible from anywhere on any device anywhere in the world.

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