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Waiting Room Digital Signage: Great for Doctors, Patients, Staff, and the Bottom Line

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Medical practices, hospitals and dentist offices are slowly adding more technology to their waiting rooms. Gone are the days of magazines and in are digital screens that can be used for entertainment, information and to promote relevant office procedures like flu shots, botox, or invisalign.

As LCD screens continue to gain in popularity, heath professionals are now able to offer more targeted and relevant information to patients through displays located throughout the waiting rooms. It is easier than ever to develop and deploy content, videos and images onto the displays. Content can be managed by the office staff itself with intuitive content management software (like AerWave). It takes virtually no training to get up and running on the system, and it can be controlled on a site by site basis, with custom content being pushed to each waiting room independently based on patient demographics and practice specialty. 

Great for Doctors, Patients, and Staff

Digital signage is a great way to engage with your patients and provide them with preventative care information and best practices for staying healthy. Many hospital waiting rooms will provide information on global and local heath epidemics and the common symptoms to watch out for. They are also used to provide step-by-step videos on preventative care measures for staying healthy - like daily exercise recommendations. Waiting Room Digital SignageSome surgery facilities even provide real-time update on procedure regularly on the digital screen so that visitors or family members waiting in the waiting room are well-informed of the surgery progress. 

We also see health facilities giving patients tips for how to make the most of their time with the doctor. They will list topics to cover during their appointment, remind them to ask for clarification when needed, and stress the importance of scheduling follow-up appoints while at the office. This content will help make office visit quicker and more productive, which is great for doctors, patients and staff. 

Great for the Bottom Line

Waiting room digital signage is also great for the bottom line. These LCD screens are a perfect place to promote elective procedures and recommend products offered in office. Many dental practices are now using digital screens to tell patients that they offer invisalign or new cosmetic dental procedures. They display before and after photos of patients, and often receive advertising funds for any products that they promote. 

Added benefit for marketing

Digital screens can also be an extension to your website or YouTube channel that promote your elective procedures through testimonials. Many LASIK facilities are using digital screens to play customer testimonials to potential patients while in the waiting area. These testimonials feature Q/A with patients who have received LASIK. The screens will show the patients talking about their experience, the overall process, and recovery time. Potential LASIK candidates love to see honest feedback from others who have undergone the same procedure. 

Adding digital signage to your waiting room is a great place to start a new conversation with your patients and to promote the wellness of everyone who visits your medical practice. The good news is that it's easier than ever to install digital signage, and if you have existing screens, you can be quickly up and running on a new software platform that integrates social media, news, weather, RSS feeds and other types of dynamic data.

The best part about adding digital screens to your waiting room is that it can all be customized based on your practice, your doctors and your staff. These display give you a new way to communicate with patients and help improve your bottom line. 

Interested in learning more about how Digital Signage can transform your waiting room? Contact us here to receive more information.