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Using Banking Digital Signage Networks for Employee Communication


WellsFargoConcept-digital-signage-banking.jpgThe banking vertical is no stranger to digital signage. If you walk down the streets of any major city, like New York, Boston, or Chicago, it will not be long before you see a bank outfitted with various sizes and configurations of digital LCD displays. Window displays feature home mortgage interest rates and incentives for opening a checking account, while displays in the waiting area will show promotions for existing customers, and digital screens behind bank tellers may show stock tickers and “ambiance” content. All of these digital signage applications for banks are important, but one application that is often overlooked by banks and financial institutions is the ability to use it as an employee communication channel.

Digital signage software offers bank management the ability to better engage their employees. The network can be used to train employees, update them on important industry news, and to push out company-wide video messages from bank executives, HR personnel, or FDIC regulators. Your signage network is a major investment, so if you are only using the displays from 9-5 you are missing a major opportunity to connect with employees.

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Most digital signage software programs now offer dayparting and scheduling functionality, which allows you to more efficiently target your intended audience based on the time of day, geographical region, or other pre-defined criteria. For banking and financial institutions, now is the time to start thinking about how to make the most of your digital screens through employee engagement, it's now easier than ever to do so. 

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