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Upcoming Webinar: Create Value with Employee-Facing Digital Signage

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Date: July, 13 2017

Time: 2 PM EST

Hosts: Scott Cronin (Vice President) & David Kaszycki (Business Development Director)

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Summary: Digital screens are everywhere, but most organizations are forgetting an important stakeholder. Much time, effort and money are spent developing communication strategies to reach customers, visitors and fans, but more often than not a vital group is left out: employees.

In this webinar, we will seek to explain how and why some retailers and companies are utilizing digital signage to curate back-office messaging and use data analytics to show performance in real-time to educate and hold their employees accountable. The nature of web-based digital signage platforms makes it a powerful medium to effectively speak to employees on a location by location level with customized data, messaging and immediate feedback throughout the workday.

The customer engagement screen gets all the hype, but organizations who succeed in today’s environment are turning digital screens back at the employees working for them.

 Learn how this is being done in this engaging webinar from Aerva.