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Top 10 Challenges for Managing Multi-Display Digital Signage Networks

If you manage multiple digital signage screens at your store, campus, restaurant or convention center, you know the pain of keeping these up to date while providing proper up time and proof of play reporting when necessary. Each digital screen often comes with its own software system, tools, and configuration parameters which makes content management that much more of a challenge and time burden.

BP_Aerva_ngage.jpgThe good news is that an easier way does exist, and it can be implemented on any screen today. Cloud-based digital signage software platforms offer a flexible and reliable way to manage any display type in any configuration. Whether you have deployed LED, LCD, video walls, or electronic shelf labels, the best cloud-based digital signage software platforms can control all of these screens from a single user interface.


There are a number of significant benefits that cloud-based software programs can provide for your organization. Below are some of the key challenges that this solution will solve for your digital signage deployment.



1. Multiple Display Types

Ability to manage any display type – LCD, LED, ESL, etc, all from the same user interface. 

2. Unique Resolution

There is no limit to screen resolution, you can fully customize the program resolution can configuration.

3. Proof of Play & Uptime Reports

Provide consistent proof of play and uptime reporting to management and advertising customers. Generate multi-display content reports from a single webpage. 

4. Any Content Type

Utilize any content type on any digital screen in your network (image, video, text, audio etc), and easily manage all of this content from a single database.

5. Dynamic Data Integration

Integrate dynamic data such as RSS, news, weather, etc. to every display on your signage network.

6. Social Media Integration

Add social media feeds to the playlists of your screens and optimize the output based on the screen size and resolution.

7. Performance Monitoring

Get a high-level overview of the entire network performance, while also viewing live screenshots of each player on your network in the same browser window.

8. Security

Limit your security risk by having everything on the same system, reducing the workload for network managers.

9. UX and UI

A consistent UX and UI will make content management more efficient and reliable.

10. Scalability

Cloud-based signage software is designed to allow you to more efficiently scale your network as you add additional screens and devices.

 There are clearly many benefits to making the switch to a cloud-based digital signage solution, it has never been easier to do so. As long as you have a digital screen installed and in place, the process can be as quick as two weeks to get everything up and running. Your team will be extremely happy with the increased efficiency and overall capability of a new cloud-based software solution. 

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