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Top 10 Benefits of Employee Communication

Corporate Communication - AerWave“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
-George Bernard Shaw

Engaging employees is an ongoing and authentic practice that should not be lost in the sea of emails or poster board “easel farms”. Employee communications all comes back to changing the behavior of employees, sending the message about a safe, productive, quality conscious workplace.

Here are the Top 10 benefits of employee communications:

  1. Build a sense of community among employees so that their interactions give meaning to their work.
  2. Educate employees so they can participate in decision making.
  3. Clarify how employees contribute to achieving company goals.
  4. Increase employees’ satisfaction through information sharing.
  5. Build open relationships with employees through honest communication so they trust management.
  6. Influence the communication climate by creating positive messages.
  7. Explain where the organization is heading and help employees make sense of the situation.
  8. Improvement of media, lessen information overload, encourage feedback and manage the rumor mill.
  9. Tap into and advocate employee opinions.
  10. Promote employee programs such as health/wellness, company Intranet, green initiatives, etc. Related: Why Your HR Department Should Be Using Digital Signage 

Top performing organizations have the most engaged employees. Taking the time to communicate with your employees will help increase productivity, boost morale and ultimately improve the bottom line while retaining your star players. Understanding how you can take advantage of a medium that intersects the web, mobile and social applications will drive your communication strategy success.

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Aerva provides a platform to modernize internal communications message delivery by integrating and disseminating corporate culture for existing employees, new hires and new employees through acquisition. Curious how this would apply in your environment? If so, please reach out to us.


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