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It’s Time to Consider Digital Signage for Retail Employees

Coordinating a retail operation is no small feat. And as brick-and-mortar stores continue to incorporate e-commerce, it’s getting harder to keep retail employees informed and motivated. One solution? Digital signage in the back office or the break room. It’s the missing link between corporate HQ and store employees. Here’s why.


The Problem: Other Forms of Communication Aren’t Working

Retail managers work hard on the sales floor—which means they don’t prioritize reading emails or checking the corporate intranet portal. It’s just extra work. Unread messages mean missed HR deadlines, ignored announcements, and lost opportunities to incentivize toward sales goals. A digital announcement board can lighten the load of email, supplementing those messages and prompting managers to focus on HQ priorities.

Another missed opportunity? Bridging the gap between managers and sales associates. Most sales associates don’t get email, they get a second-hand paraphrasing of corporate HQ emails from their managers. It’s a game of telephone that can mean details are missed or misconstrued. A gentle reminder that doesn’t come from their boss, but from an engaging digital display network, can help keep sales associates on track.

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The Solution: Smart Digital Signage in the Back Room

Retail is visual merchandising, and most people are visual learners (about 65% of us). With a network of digital signs, one in each back office or break room, retail operators can tailor their messaging to employees for maximum visual engagement—no email or intranet required.

The back office digital display acts as a maintenance-free noticeboard that does the work of another manager or an on-the-ground HR representative. Reminders about administrative deadlines, updates to sales policies and procedures, and training and safety advice can all be displayed on a loop. If one thing’s for sure, digital signage gets attention. Managers and sales associates will absorb the information as they get ready to start their shift or are wrapping up for the day.


But reminders are just the start. The break room digital sign is a tremendous opportunity to boost morale and the bottom line. You can display a store’s progress toward quarterly sales goals and encourage employees to meet their target. You can gamify the sales process with contests between stores or individuals, seeing which can sell the most of one item or achieve other goals the quickest. And you can infuse your messaging with company culture, displaying employee awards, brand-strengthening videos, success stories, and company or employee social media.

The best part? A network of digital signage for retail employees is easy to populate with content you already have. All of those emails can be adapted for digital display, with look books and consumer imagery providing the visual pop to grab employees’ attention. On top of that, there are tons of free content hacks to supplement your digital network content. With the right digital signage software solution, you can easily update the content from any web browser and schedule it for the most impactful times to reach employees.

It’s time to stop relying on email and on-the-ground managers to message retail employees. A digital display in each store’s back room will do the work for you.

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