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The Growing Use of Digital Signage in the Workplace

Digital screens are slowly creeping into the workplace. LCD and LED displays are entering breakrooms, the production floor, call centers and customer service groups as a way to effectively communicate to employees. As the cost of digital signage continues to diminish, the ROI on a corporate-wide digital signage network is making more sense.


Is Digital Signage Really Effective for Internal Communications?

The answer is overwhelmingly YES! How many times have you received an email from HR about deadlines for signing up for the new health plan, or gotten information on a company-wide mandate that you forgot about during your busy day?

There is no question that email is no longer an effective form of communication to reach employees. Email is overlooked, misplaced and quickly forgotten during busy work days. Social media and text messaging are too personally invasive, and many employees don’t visit employee web pages often enough to stay on top of important information. Digital signage on the other hand is an always on always visible way to communicate that does not interfere with employees’ day to day work activities. It can push messaging for HR to inform all employees of health plan changes, or by sales teams to track performance. As digital signage becomes easier to use, we see departments taking control of their marketing messages. 

Here Are a Few Examples of How it's Used:

HR – Digital screens located in break rooms and common areas are a great opportunity to push messaging and information. These screens are typically seen multiple times a day by employees and often the dwell time is over 5 minutes, meaning that you can communicate a lot of information. Not only can you push standard image and text-based messages, but you can also use video and audio content to relay your message. This is an effective means to engage with employees and help them understanding any current HR initiatives like enrollment periods, health plan changes or upcoming training dates. 

Sales Departments – Sales teams are placing digital screens around their office area to track sales performance and other key performance indicators that the team is expected to hit. This is a great tool to keep everyone on the team accountable and on track towards the larger company goal. These screens are also a tool to recognize team members who have reached their goals and crushed their quotas. Beyond the practical business metrics that can be displayed, teams can also use the displays to get to know other team members and promote upcoming team events, trainings or happy hours.

Customer Service – Departments that handle support or customer service issues are becoming more automated and data driven. To stay on top of all of this information many managers are using digital screens to display high-priority issues and monitor performance of their team over a daily or monthly basis. Digital screens are an important resource for support departments to utilize as they need to quickly see how they are performing as a team and also on an individual basis. These displays can also be used to monitor support issues for major clients who may have multiple tickets submitted simultaneously.

Digital signage for corporations continues to become a major area of growth for the digiatl signage industry, which means that new tools, resources and capabilites are being added to CMS platforms. This means that digitial signage can be an even more effective tool for any organization. 

If you would like to learn more about how digital signage can transform your organization, please contact the Aerva Team