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Students are the Key to Relevant Digital Signage Content

Campus digital signage networks are a great way to get students involved around campus.  Students can take some of the burden off school faculty and staff to keep digital screens up and running with relevant content that students actually want to see. Many Universities are beginning to turn over the reins to students to create content, develop playlists, and integrate dynamic data feeds onto the campus signage network. 

Is involving students a good choice for campus signage networks?

Students know what students want to see. This sounds simple, yet many campus signage networks miss this fact and develop content that is not relevant to students. The trends in student communication tend to change on campus almost every year with new social media channels or messaging apps, but the campus faculty and administration usually don’t even realize the trend until is it out of style.

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Students who manage and create content on your campus network are better tuned in to the trends and as a result will create more relevant and engaging content. Students are also more keyed in to the social media and RSS feeds that other students care to look at. As the rise and fall of certain crazes can happen in a few days, it’s important to keep the campus network up to date and always relevant, which no one can do better than the students themselves.

When trends like the ICE Bucket Challenge for ALS and the Mannequin Challenge pop up on campus, your signage network can almost instantly be showcasing student videos (user-generated content) which can be moderated by the campus faculty and staff. Student content creators can develop the feeds to pull the content from, while the staff will have full control over the moderation of what gets shown and what is removed.

Being reactive to trends is just one of the many important reasons to get students involved in your campus digital signage network. When you start to give students a bigger role in the campus network they will take ownership and responsibility for the quality of content. This is great news for network managers and students alike. When the digital signage content becomes more engaging, students have a better reason to look at the displays and are more likely to read important campus messaging that is also on the digital displays. 

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