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Fall Content Ideas for College, University and Higher-Ed Signage Networks

After the first few weeks of school, things are finally beginning to hit their natural groove. Now is a great time to start thinking about ways to take your higher-ed digital signage deployment to the next level. Below are five content ideas to enhance your school's digital signage deployment this semester.  

What's New on Campus – It seems that every summer new buildings are completed, new technology is added, and processes/procedures are updated. Keeping students and campus staff informed with 'what's new' will help them get up to speed quickly and reduce the confusion. Even if an email is sent with campus updates, it's good practice to display this information across your digital screen network for the beginning weeks of school to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest campus happenings.  


Fairfield University communicates to visitors in the campus bookstore

Fall is for Football – With NFL and NCAA football underway, the level of expectation for hometown and college teams is high. Keep students aware of games, scores, records, and rankings. This can be set up to automatically updated based on data integration with sources like ESPN, Yahoo Sports and others. Lastly, many students are involved in fantasy football, so don’t hesitate to show the top scorers each week on your display network, this is a sure way to keep your signage top of mind. 

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Engage with Social Media – If you are not integrating social feeds like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into your digital signage deployment then you are missing out on a great opportunity to engage with students and visitors. With moderation engines you don’t even need to worry about inappropriate content being displayed, because every tweet, Instagram, and Facebook post can be moderated by your staff.

Promote Events and Speakers – Every week there are speakers, events, and concerts taking place across campus. If you are not using digital signage to display these events on a daily basis, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive more students and visitors to these events. Show the time, location and event information so that students and visitors can get all the information they need in a quick glance. Tie this all into your schools scheduling system to make updates and changes automatic. 

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Give Student Organizations a Voice ­­– Fall is the time that student organizations attract new members. Whether it be the entrepreneurship club, sororities, or charity organizations on campus, all of these groups need a powerful way to reach out to the student body. By offering these organizations time slots on your digital display network, you can help grow participation in these organizations on campus. Student organizations can create their own content, so all that content managers have to do is add it to their playlist and set an expiration date.

Conclusion - This fall is a great time to get your digital signage program on track and use it as a way to better engage the students, faculty, and visitors that come to your campus. If you would like more information on the Aerva software platform and how it can power digital signage networks across college campuses click here.

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