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Quick Tips for Digital Signage: Avoid Black Screens and Save Bandwidth

There is no worse feeling for digital signage operators than when the display is black, showing error messages, or sections of content are not loading properly. Several reasons can be attributed to this “black screen,” but one that's easy to avoid is choosing a signage software system that will cache (download) the content locally to the media player. This means that when the internet connection is dropped, the media player will continue to output appropriate content and not go black or display error messages.

Tacobell_Times-square-aerva-ugc.jpgLocally cached content also means that your data and bandwidth use will be diminished significantly. Instead of streaming content constantly to your digital display, a software solution that utilizes cached content will “call home” via a ping to check for new content from the main cloud server. This means that instead of continually pushing large amount of data over your network, the media player will ping your central server to see if any content or configurations have changed, and if not it will keep the status quo by playing the cached content.

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Next time think about updating your digital signage software solution, make sure you ask if the software program will cache or download your content locally to the media player. This will limit your incidents of black screens and also reduce your bandwidth, which is very important for digital signage networks that run off cellular data. 

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