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Promoting Your Brand Through Employees

Employees are all becoming socially enabled at work and on their own private networks. Social media is becoming integrated across the entire organization and is the go-to tool for internal conversations- in addition to Marketing/PR. Beyond having a recognizable logo you want to ensure all employees are your branding extension. Better communication inside an organization is associated with improved employee performance, satisfaction and retention. It’s also the easiest and least expensive way to promote your brand, campaign or new initiative externally. You want your employees to talk to customers and friends about your organization in an accurate, positive way. You want them to be the poster child for the company!

Are there risks to utilizing social media in your enterprise? Of course there are, as messaging has always been consistent coming from Marketing only. A more organic message will be developed, though, which makes the brand more authentic as a result of shared information about company culture and values. On the flip side, when employees are not well informed, you miss an opportunity to promote your brand. You risk inaccurate or even harmful information being conveyed to the outside world—putting your brand credibility at stake.

What are your employees saying over the weekend about your company? Do you feel confident that they understand corporate messaging?

Many companies are now modernizing their internal communications via digital display networks to engage their employees visually. These digital display networks are great platforms to communicate positive brand messaging to all employees-reducing the need to be concerned in our ever evolving, socially connected world.

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