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Museum Digital Signage Use Continues to Grow

Museums have provided the public with access to art and historical artifacts for centuries, dating back to 530 BC.  From school field trips to family outings, museum visits are an international pastime that will astound onlookers for generations to come.  But despite their perseverance through history, many museum visits are marred by inconveniences like overcrowding, unclear admission rates, long waits, and lack of information about exhibits.  However, with AerWave, our digital signage software platform, Aerva seeks to change the modern museum visit. 

Museum_blog_aerva.jpegDigital signage in museums serves the purpose of easing the visitor experience, keeping them informed, and demonstrating superior customer service.  Auckland Museum wanted to achieve all three goals.  The popular destination sought an easy way to communicate ticket prices, exhibit information, and pertinent updates to the visiting public as quickly as possible.  After partnering with Aerva, the museum installed eight large digital screens behind its ticketing and information desks as well as a 16-screen video wall in its south atrium. 

Similar updates have helped museums around the world make their visitor experience more impactful.  The Cleveland Museum of Art used digital screens to create interactive art displays for children while New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art used digital signage to communicate wait times for popular attractions.

But the one advantage Auckland Museum has over the others is its access to AerWave, Aerva’s content management tool.  AerWave works with digital signage networks of all sizes and allows content managers to import, layout, and push live updates to screens with ease.  With state-of-the-art security and 24/7 remote back-up, operating digital signage is just as easy as viewing it.

Digital signage isn’t just making the visitor experience easier—it’s revolutionizing back end communication too.

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