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Most Common Software Support Issues for Digital Signage


Technical issues will arise during every digital signage deployment, so it is important to prepare for how to deal with these issues when they come about. Most support related issues can and should be handled internally, yet certain problems may require intervention from your support team. Here’s a list of the most common issues and requests that our support team has heard over the past year.


1. My media player won’t connect to the signage platform

Troubleshooting connection problems is one of the most common issues that we assist our customers with. Most digital signage platforms live on high-security networks, so we often work with our customers’ network administrators to advise on the necessary configurations.  There are some situations where there will be both online and offline media players on the same local network. If this issue occurs, we can connect remotely to the online devices and get further troubleshooting info by testing the network or trying to ping the offline devices.

2. The screen is dark!

Although this is not the most common issue dealt with by Aerva Support, it is the highest priority.  Your digital signage network should always be displaying scheduled content, so when a customer reports that a signage device is showing a dark screen, we start with basic “sanity” checks.  Sometimes the problem can be that someone simply forgot to schedule content as black content may be output if there is no scheduled content for that specific time.  If this is not the issue, then we will connect to the media player and check for any hardware problems.  If the player is working as expected, then the issue is probably due to a problem with the LCD or LED screen it is connected to.  Most dark-screen issues that we encounter end up falling into this category - either the screen got powered off by accident or the video cable became unplugged.

3. My social media feed isn’t displaying anything

Aerva can push live social media feeds to digital screens, such as Twitter and Instagram. Some issues can arise with this that require intervention, for example the feed may stop updating with new content or may not display any content at all.  When this happens, we will confirm that the social media user they’re following is actively posting and that the social media service itself is not experiencing an outage.  Twitter, for example, does experience outages with their service from time to time.  At this point, we then take the information we’ve gathered and offer the customer a solution and advise on how to improve the social media experience on their signage network.  One common example is following more users or hashtags  to increase the amount/rate of content that’s displayed. 

4. One of the regions on my screen is dark!

Occasionally we’ll get a report from a customer stating that part of their screen is dark/black, whereas the rest is displaying normally.  This typically happens because they are attempting to display a corrupted content file or even a file type that is not supported.  We’ll investigate by looking at system logs on the signage device, then advise the customer on how to resolve the issue (typically just asking them to re-encode their file in a different format).

5. My player won’t boot (shows an error message on boot)

Unfortunately, hardware failures do happen from time to time.  In the digital signage world, we most often see hardware failures as a result of devices being mounted in poorly ventilated areas (so keep that in mind when choosing where to mount your signs!).  Occasionally we’ll be notified by a customer that their signage device is not booting up properly and displays an error.  This indicates that the device itself has failed, most commonly a hard-disk failure.  We’ll have the customer describe the error messages they’re seeing to help us confirm exactly how the device has failed. Sometimes, this issue can be resolved by re-imaging the device with your software, but most often the device itself needs to repaired or replaced.

6. I get an error message when trying to upload new content

This can happen when a customer tries to upload a file-type that isn’t supported.  When we get this type of request, we’ll take a look at exactly why the upload is failing and then advise the customer on converting their content to a different file format that will work both within the platform and meet their own content needs.  To be clear, AerWave supports all major video/image/audio formats, but we do see some issues with fringe formats from time to time.

The importance of technical support is often overlooked by companies who deploy digital signage networks. Although issues may only arise from time to time, having an action plan in place will make your signage deployment more successful and keep your displays running with limited downtime when issues do occur. If you have any specific questions for the Aerva Support Team, don't hesitate to email us at with your questions. 

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