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Managing College Exam Stress with Your Campus Digital Signage Network

The exam season is upon us, which means that college and university students are feeling a heightened level of anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. During this demanding season, it is important for campuses with digital signage networks to deploy content which provides students with the best practices for managing the added stress.   

college-stress-aerva.pngWe often talk about the practical how-to’s of digital signage without getting to the real world benefits of a signage solutions. With posts like "how to deploy displays across a campus", it’s easy to forget the real benefits of a digital signage solution for universities.

The campus network is a powerful tool that the administration, faculty and counseling staff need to use to help students during these stressful times. Creating meaningful content that provides students with resources for reducing stress, contacting counseling staff, and tutoring can all result in a safer and less stressed-out campus.

A few content ideas for the exam season are below:

  • Promoting Tutoring Services
  • Showing Healthy Meals for Exam Time
  • Talking About the Benefits of Sleep During Exam Season
  • Tips for Stress Reduction
  • Providing Counseling Contact Information
  • Displaying Motivational Messages

Helping students cope with the stress and anxiety during exam season is an incredibly important task. These messages and tips need to be continually reinforced and shown to students, as we know that email and social posting isn’t enough. Your digital signage network is a powerful tool that can provide students with the information, help and tips to reduce stress, eat and sleep better, and ultimately reduce incidents of mental health issues during this stressful exam season.

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