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Internal Communications: Modern Channels to Engage Employees

Multidirectional communication has become the norm for many organizations and has fostered the breakdown of barriers within organizations. While the barriers are dropping, the enterprise must not assume all traditional communication channels will remain effective. A modern channel, digital display networks, is essential to visually engaging your employees in the overloaded Information Age.

Think of a digital display network as your intranet on steroids. The editorial staff, designers, and communicators are in house assets already in place. Use these employees talents to drive consistent corporate, industry, and brand messaging across a real time digital display network.

While some traditional channels will and should remain for the time being, moving ahead with a hybrid approach must be under consideration to truly engage, entertain, and retain the workforce. The hybrid model must include social media integration and mobile interactivity. We are seeing some really unique uses of this platform from incorporating digital signage into wellness programs, mobile polling across the network, promotion of internal social networks and employee recognition programs to name a few.

A few questions that maybe relevant to today’s internal communications professionals:

Is your Internal Communications program struggling to gain traction on the internal blog? Are your email announcements falling into an endless sea of messages? Do you have people updating poster board daily? Do you have existing digital displays with PowerPoint presentations running or other looped programming?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above it’s time to evaluate your communications strategy. If you are feeling these challenges and would like to share your experiences please do on our LinkedIN page. We would be happy to hear of your success or thoughts around modern communications channels.