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Incorporating Digital Signage into Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are generally under-utilized as employees are often unaware that they even exist. Many employers struggle to create awareness- let alone foster participation. Keeping the attention of your audience determines the success of your program.

One of our clients incorporated their digital display network to engage employees in a weight loss program this past Summer.

Departments were divided into cross-functional teams within the organization and competed with each other. The overall percentage of weight loss per team was posted on the screens on a bi-weekly basis. What evolved over the course of six months was incredible. There were teams going for long walks together over lunch hours. The sense of friendly competition was palpable and an unexpected benefit emerged- employees from different areas had an opportunity to get to know others in different business units, whom they otherwise would not have interacted with.

A sense of pride was fostered within teams, as they could visually track the progress they made (and potentially earn bragging rights!) After a few weeks, weight loss suggestions were shared, healthy recipes were posted via QR codes on the digital displays for other colleagues to capture with their smartphones, and as the numbers were posted, participants anxiously awaited the results- all real examples of employees being fully engaged in their wellness program.

This use of technology allowed for reinforcement of habits, encouraged goal setting, and fostered increased physical activity and team building.