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How Visual Communication Leads to More Effective Engagement

Digital signage offers several benefits for companies in every industry.  It’s scalable, cuts advertising costs, and enables real-time updates.  But the real power in digital signage is visual communication. 

sportsclubla-sign2-2wdimhmfl58mde6y8s36kg.jpgVisual engagement is important because it’s more impactful. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text, and almost all information that our brain processes is visual, as reported by HubSpot. Additionally, visual communication helps brands build trust with potential customers or employees, and it’s easier to interact with.  

Furthermore, visual communication has few limits to its use.  Some companies focus on dynamic in-house messaging while others use it to pull customers in and foster brand love.

For the Milwaukee Art Museum, it was about the latter objective.  The museum had already garnered an international reputation for its unparalleled design and impact on the local community.  But its use of digital signage has further amplified its profile.  The museum uses LCD screens in its reception hall to communicate current and forthcoming exhibits, events, and promos to visitors.  Overall awareness of its offerings has drastically improved.

The sports world has taken notice and is implementing visual communication in its own unique way.  The Atlanta Braves have used digital signage as a means of reestablishing their identity.  After moving from Turner Field to SunTrust Park, the team used a massive digital baseball to announce its arrival to the community.

But visual communication isn’t just for customers—it’s an effective internal tool as well.  Many doctor’s offices have adopted digital signage to display motivational quotes for the staff, in addition to providing timely updates on relevant company information.

Visual communication is the way forward for creating stronger bonds with both customers and employees.  Reach out to Aerva today to explore our digital signage solutions.

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