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How to Increase Viewer Participation in Mobile Marketing

Digital signage and digital out-of-home media are finally becoming more pervasive, yet it is evident that content going one-way only towards the viewers is not enough. It was clear from attendees at Aerva’s booth at the recent Digital Signage Expo that people are starting to understand the value of information going in BOTH directions—not just coming at viewers from screens, but going from viewers to the screens themselves.

Granted, the amount of information going back from the viewers may be very little, but it is very important and relevant to those viewers. It also becomes one very valid basis of measurement for marketers and network operators of digital screens.

A good example of a viewer-engagement application is ‘Man-of-the-Match’ (or MVP of Tonight’s Game) – a mobile application that asks “Who is going to be the MVP of the game during halftime?” on the digital screen in a sports bar or on the Jumbotron in a stadium. The answers are sent in by viewers using their own mobile handset. The dynamic information can be seen filling up a pint jar, making it highly engaging to the viewers. For the marketers, it is highly measurable data.

Participation Rates

Aerva is frequently asked how to increase the take-up rates (or participation rates) of a mobile marketing campaign. Over the years we have come up with a very simple set of heuristics on how to make mobile campaigns successful. The goal is to get 100%+ take-up rates, or the mobile application is so successful that people participate more than once.

If there’s no promotion and no incentive, people will ignore it

If there are promotions and incentives, people will participate proportionately

The chart on the right is self-explanatory. It helps to be talking to mobile-centric audience, but a good promotion and some relevant prize or recognition goes a long way to make take-up rates go skyrocketing up.

Participation Rates as Proxies for Viewer Experience

There’s also an ‘emerging’ point of view that promotes the use of signage primarily as a way to enhance the viewer experience. If digital signage network operators and enue-owners enhance the viewer experience, then the viewers will also tolerate advertising and other messaging. It is critical, therefore, to engage the audience with not just one-way messaging as with typical digital signage systems, but augment viewer experience. Mobile interactivity is a great way to be doing this, in multiple ways. When it’s done well, it’s canny and makes everyone happy – so it’s truly a win-win. And the proof of the viewer experience pudding is in the concretely measurable participation rates.