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Easy Ways for Higher Education to Utilize Digital Signage

Higher education institutions of all sizes are turning to digital displays to create centralized information centers for their employees and students. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas for ways universities and colleges can use digital signage alongside our software, based on work our actual clients have done. Check them out!


1) Turn your campus center into an info center

Nearly every higher education institute is going to have something akin to a campus center—a shared space where students and faculty can socialize, work, or even grab a quick bite to eat. A campus center, as the hub of your college, provides an outlet to potentially reach nearly all members of your community. Why not leverage its popularity with digital information displays?

Placing digital screens throughout your campus will allow you to create an information display network. You can display campus announcements, weather, class timetables, and other information relevant to your students, all in the place they’re likely to visit at least once a day. A web-based software, such as AerWave, will allow you to manage an entire network from anywhere and easily share relevant content to individual departments across campus.

2) Show your faculty’s work off in engaging ways

Did one of your science departments recently make an amazing discovery? Or did a humanities professor give a celebrated speech at a conference? These are things that you’ll want to show off around campus, but not many people will read through an entire press release on the subject. Instead, take advantage of digital media and display these accolades in an engaging and innovative way with a streaming feed like our Twitter app.

Having a digital display in the entrance of a department’s building is a great way to highlight recent awards and honors to anybody who enters. Content can be anything from faculty achievements, to a live feed of current work happening in a campus laboratory. One of our clients got really creative and had a camera feed of an aquarium they were working in!

3) Interact with your students like never before

BLAST emails tend to be the main method of communication between a university and it’s entire student population. While this is efficient, as is always the case with email marketing, it’s not always effective. Many messages just get deleted or ignored, and this can be a big issue with time-sensitive material like safety alerts. With the right technology however, digital displays can be leveraged as an interactive and immediate communication channel between administration and students.

The possibilities are endless as long as the tech is good: digital displays can allow administrators to engage with students through the medium they already use everyday.