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Digital Signage Growth in Retail

The retail industry is facing some unique challenges. Through June 2017, approximately 5,300 store closings have been announced, as per CNN Money. Popular brands like American Apparel, Sears, and Abercrombie & Fitch have either gone out of business, filed bankruptcy, or considerably reduced their footprint. It’s clear that retail is in desperate need of innovation. Retail signage could be the key.


Retailers are in search of advertising that can be changed often with little investment of money or time. Digital signage offers the perfect solution. Popular in spaces like kiosks, video walls, and individual displays, digital signage extends the retailer’s brand and is helping the retail industry rethink the ways it sends information to its customers at the point of purchase. 

Digital Signage Today estimates that retail digital signage accounts for roughly 40% of the industry.  Retail is betting on digital signage, and it’s doing so for many reasons.

Aside from the time and money it saves, digital signage creates a seamless customer experience. It disseminates information without being obtrusive. At some extent, digital signage plays a role that is even better than a salesperson because many consumers would rather access information themselves than be interrupted by a salesperson.

It also leaves the customer with a more memorable experience. Not only that, due to ease of use with cloud-based digital signage, retailers can react to customer preferences in real time. They tailor the experience without taking the power of choice away from the shopper.

And, considering the depth of product, pricing, and promotional info that retailers need to share with customers, digital signage allows them to share it all without inundating the audience. All these benefits result in more brand awareness, increased sales, and tighter operations. 

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