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Digital Out of Home Ad Networks Need Cloud-Based CMS


 In the last decade, rapid advances in technology have upended the traditional ways we communicate with each other.  Rotary phones are all but ancient artifacts in the age of the smartphone.  And handwritten letters are a rarity given the immediacy of social media and instant messengers.  However, the advertising world has held onto its traditional out of home advertising methods like billboards, transit ads, and point of sale displays.  But the rapid rise of digital out of home advertising is finally forcing the business world to adapt to the times.


Digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is poised to surpass the limitations of mobile and desktop ads.  Ad Age estimates that the average person will be exposed to at least 20 minutes of DOOH every week.  And that number will certainly increase as more companies adapt.

One of the greatest advantages of digital out of home ads is response time.  Companies can easily update ads that aren’t delivering to their expectations.  And they can incorporate timely updates from their social media feeds.  However, doing this manually can be costly and time-consuming.  Aerva’s digital out of home software seeks to make every company’s transition to DOOH as seamless as possible.

With Aerva’s cloud-based CMS, the technology is scalable, so the company’s reach can grow as fast as its business.  Companies utilizing DOOH can optimize their content playlists so ads run at the right time and pacing.  And they’ll have immediate access to smart reporting so they can make adjustments in real time.

At Aerva, we understand advertising needs, and we’ve designed software that can help every company achieve its goals without complicating its daily operations.  Cloud-based CMS is the only way for businesses to maximize digital out of home advertising and start reaching more of their target audience.

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