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Convention Centers that Wow with Creative Digital Signage

Conventions and exhibition centers were early adopters of digital signage. Over time, the meetings industry has perfected ways of turning digital displays into revenue generators, to the point that they’ve become commonplace. The challenge now in the increasingly competitive convention business is to set your venue apart from the rest — with digital surfaces and content that make a lasting impression. Here are a few exhibition centers that are using digital signage not just to boost the bottom line, but to wow.


Ahead of the Curve

You can’t miss the massive LED display surface in the lobby of the Minneapolis Convention Center. It’s five feet tall, 90 feet wide, and curves around a balcony above the facility’s visitor information center. The MCC wanted to make a statement, and they absolutely succeeded. More than merely beautiful, the digital sign is a smart investment. It displays rotating ad content to visitors of one of the busiest convention spaces in the Midwest. And in between those ads, the winding display hosts helpful content, such as wayfinding information and upcoming events.


Larger than Life

At three stories tall and nearly 200 feet wide, the Suntec Singapore Convention Center’s video wall is one of the largest on earth. Called The Big Picture, its 664 LED monitors can display ultra-high resolution ad content, as well as exhibitor content. The system is equipped with RFID tracking systems to identify when visitors are riding the adjacent escalators. That way, welcome messages and other content can be triggered to deliver a personalized experience. Since it’s as much an architectural element as a content platform, The Big Picture can be used to give the convention facility’s entry area seasonal touches. And the hall is equipped with a powerful sound system, so the massive display doubles as a breathtaking place for exhibitor videos and presentations.


Making a Marquee

The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center starts your digital journey outside, with an LED media tower marquee that’s nearly 80 feet tall. The tower’s unique, two-level arrangement means can display segmented content or one unified picture. This digital sign is incredibly versatile, delivering a platform for advertising, event promotion, welcome messages, exhibitor content, and even community art. It’s so unusual and attractive, it’s become a landmark. The BCEC uses Aerva’s digital content management platform to power the marquee, and to sync it with a 160-foot video wall visible as soon as you enter the facility, along with 31 other LCD displays throughout the building. This kind of continuous content journey, allowing for repeat brand exposure and guided messaging, is incredibly valuable to exhibitors and advertisers.


Orange Is the New Green

Last but not least comes the Orange County Convention Center, with a 175-foot video wall and a network of 15- to 18-foot feature digital displays throughout the building. As the second-largest convention center in the U.S., OCCC is a high-traffic facility taking advantage of the space to generate revenue. The convention center offers a variety of ad packages for sponsors and exhibitors, from small and affordable to complete buyouts. The beauty here is not just in the digital displays themselves, but in how seamlessly they are baked into the meeting package for maximum ROI.

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