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A Few Tips for Corporate Communication Networks

Regardless of the industry, every company aims to improve its productivity and effectiveness. Marked improvements in these areas can lead to increased profits and better market visibility.  But there’s no blueprint for how to do this.  Digital signage in the workplace is becoming a key way to interact with employees and drive results. 


Take WeWork, for instance.  The fast-growing company has more than 200 coworking spaces in 97 cities. Digital displays throughout its buildings broadcast company news, site-specific events and updates, and social media posts from locations around the world. Despite WeWork’s sprawl, digital signage in the workplace helps keep everyone connected no matter where in the world they are.  It can do the same for you.

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Digital signage is important for your workforce because fast, impactful communication is crucial for any team’s success. Plus, a recent PwC study revealed that millennial employees place great value on the social aspect of work—something digital signage helps foster. Companies are now promoting their employees social accounts, likes and other user generated content right onto digital screens throughout the office.

Adding digital signage solutions to your office or buildings can improve internal employee relationships, and change the way your employees connect with one another and with the company as a whole. 

Some key ways you can utilize digital signage include:

  • Recognizing key achievements from individuals and departments
  • Making localized announcements for specific branches or teams
  • Displaying productivity metrics
  • Issuing emergency alerts
  • Posting event reminders
  • Conducting internal polls
  • Encouraging internal social media use

In today’s digital age, your company’s ability to share information quickly and efficiently could be the one business practice that gives you a competitive edge in your industry and helps you attract, and retain, top talent.  With digital signage in the workplace, you only stand to gain success.  Without it, you’ll fall behind.

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