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8 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Campus Signage Software


Around this time each year many organizations and universities are taking a look at their existing signage software platforms and considering whether it makes sense to stay the course or to upgrade to a new solution. Switching to a new digital signage software platform can bring many advantages to your organization and campus from better student engagement, to more efficiency for the IT staff, to taking advantage of the latest software features.

There are certainly many factors to take into account when deciding whether to make the switch, but we have outlined the top 8 reasons that many digital signage networks are upgrading to new software in the coming year:

  1. Network Growth Has Outpaced Software Capability
  2. Multiple Software Platforms Running Simultaneously
  3. Outdated Content Feeds
  4. Limited User Profiles and Permission Levels
  5. Using a Desktop-based Software
  6. Multiple Display Types That Each Require Independent Software
  7. Cost to Grow Network is Too High
  8. Limited Digital Signage Engagement


Once you determine that it is now time to make the switch, the next step is to gain a better understanding of your existing network by looking at every digital screen on campus, who is managing the content, who is managing the network, who is called when something goes wrong, etc. We find that there are often many people involved in the management of a campus signage network and that much of this work is redundant. By understanding the existing network structure, you will have a better foundation for what it will take to make the switch. 

After analyzing the network, you can begin to prepare for the upgrades by building out a digital signage strategy that covers your requirements both now and in the future. This strategy can be used to create a scorecard to grade potential software vendors on a number of parameters, which will make the decision that much easier.

If you are ready to make the switch, or even just considering it, we would love the opportunity to talk to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a free evaluation and talk through any of these points in more detail. If you are not ready to talk to someone in person, you should definitely take a look at our eBook that walks through why and how to make the switch. You can find that free digital signage eBook by clicking here.

Why Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Campus Signage Network