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5 ways retailers use social media

Move over traditional marketing, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.  In a time where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of brands competing for our attention how do retailers stand out? Social media and user-generated content are playing a major role in the way today’s retailers engage and maintain their loyal customer base and attract new customers.  Here are 5 simple ways to use social media to your advantage:

1. Simple and relevant messages:  Today’s customer’s live in a fast paced world and are constantly receiving information, you must compete with all the other information and grab your customer’s attention.  Keep your posts or tweets simple and to the point, too much information will only deter people.

2. Photos, photos, and more photos:  Photos are a simple way of captivating your targeted audience and creating interaction between your products and your customers.  Many retailers have used pictures to promote and build up anticipation of a new gadget or product that has yet to hit the market.  Using pictures allows retailers to showcase the products they offer in a simple way.  HTC, the smartphone retailer, used this concept to create their “Beautiful” Campaign, where they allowed participants to have their photo posted on a Times Square billboard. Each market’s submissions were entered into regional drawings, where each week one lucky winner was selected to receive and HTC One, with a special drawing around Christmas and New Year’s for those winners to receive a 24K gold-plated HTC One phone worth over $2,500. Costco, one of the largest retailers also uses this approach on their Facebook page, by showing/reminding customers of the products that are returning for the spring season or showcasing customer favorites.

3. User-generated content: Retailers like TJMaxx and Marshalls have taken to their customers to generate content and build attention to their brands.  Both of these retailers ask customer’s to tweet or Instagram their pictures with #maxxinista and #fabfound of products that they have found at their stores, everyday they award a winner with a gift card. Creating ways in which customers feel like they are contributing to your brand is a great way to continually engage your customers and maintain a relationship that truly connects and communicates.  Content moderation is incredibly important when it comes to the UGC that is received via social media. Taco Bell used Aertweet, from Aerva, for their ‘Doritos Locos Tacos’ Campaign allowing them to moderate tweets, detect fraud, rank retweets, report metrics and display tweets through a number of custom parameters allowing for many animation and style options.

 4. Community engagement and outreach: Customer’s take note and appreciate retailers who are engaged in their communities. whether it is by supporting the local sports teams or by donating time, money or products to local organizations. Last year, after the Boston Marathon, many Boston based retailers sold their marathon gear and donated all proceeds to the One Fund, for those who were affected by the bombings.

 5. Real time responses:  Use your social media platforms to respond to customers in real time.  Many customers take to their retailers’ Facebook or Twitter page to ask questions, comment about a new product, or post concerns instead of the calling or emailing your customer support center. Through your social media platforms you have the opportunity to stay engaged with those customers in real time and appropriately answercontinually engage your customers and maintain a relationship that truly connects and communicates.

About Us: Aerva is a cloud-based digital signage software company that provides software for managing networks of LCD and LED displays. We allow the integration of dynamic data feeds, including social media, on to all digital screen formats. If you would like more information, please click the button below.