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3 Ways Top Corporate Managers Use Digital Signage

Corporations across the globe are continuing to increase the number of digital screens within their buildings. These screens have always been a great tool for HR and corporate staff to push general information, but now individual department managers are taking advantage of the digital signage platform to consistently meet deadlines, track performance metrics, and inform employees of new processes and procedures. 

Although these LCD networks may have began in the lobby, they quickly entered areas like the production floor, break room and engineering labs. First generation corporate digital signage networks were often very crude, displaying a PowerPoint presentation that was hard to change, but now these screens are controlled through cloud-based signage software that gives individual managers rights and access to screens within their building or department.

Below are just three ways that today's top managers are utilizing their corporate signage networks:

1. Consistently Meet Deadlines: The business world has become more project based and less focused on manual work. This means that employees are often working on large long-term projects that need to be completed by a certain date. With a multitude of tasks needing to be coordinated, it can feel like conducting an orchestra trying to get everyone on the same page and assigning (and keeping up with) all the tasks. 

Project management tools are a great way to help resolve this challenge, but managers are finding that it is also very effective to publish the deadline dates and tasks lists to digital screens around the office. The screens can cycle through different projects, list what is next to be done and who the project lead is, and provide details on whether they are ahead of or behind schedule. This makes it easy for the department or company to get a high-level overview of their progress, as well as stay on top of any critical updates since project managment tools can quickly become cluttered.

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2. Track Performance Metrics: We all love dashboards, they are a great way to track performance based on any possible metric – from booked orders this month, to website leads, to money raised: each of these offers an insight into the trajectory of the company. Alghough dashboards are a great way to motivate employees, it can be a challenge to get them to visit the online dashboard on a regular basis. 

This is why managers are now pushing these live dashboards to the office digital signage network. Dashboards can be displayed in a particular region on the display (or across the entire screen) and will dynamically update based on the data feed provided. Dashboards can customized to each display based on the location for which the display is located, and it doesn't take a lot of extra effort or money to take what lives in the online world and apply it to the digital network. Dashboards on digital signage are a great way to maximize the investment in both the signage network and the underlying software or spreadsheets that create the dashboard.

3. Publish New Processes and Procedures: Keeping employees abreast of changes to processes or procedures can be a challenge. Emails often go unread or merely glanced at, which means that important processes are not followed until a mistake is made. Because of this, managers are now pushing procedural updates to the signage network to keep them front and center for employees throughout their work day. The office digital signs are constantly pushing this information, so employees will be more likely to correctly follow new processes the first time around.

Managers can also push new inforamtion regarding product updates, key information about warranty claims, or resolution of support issues. Each of these can be fully customized to the department, and will ultimately help employees quickly address customer questions and concerns. 

As digital signage enters more areas throughout the office space, it is clear that this is an important tool for managers. Many companies have already made the investment in sophisticated software that allows for simple integration of data feeds, while also providing access to indivudal managers to control content on the network of screens in their department. Digital signage is a tool that will only continue to grow in importnace throughout the workplace. click for more on corporate signage