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3 Ways Aerva can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

In an age when digital platforms seem to be rapidly expanding, standard marketing techniques are gradually becoming less and less effective. This rings especially true for Out of Home (OOH) strategies.

Gone are the days when a simple print billboard was all it took to catch a consumer’s eye outside of his or her home. Smartphones, tablets, and a bevy of other mobile devices have all made people pay less attention to what’s around them, and pay more attention to what’s in their palm.

Here at Aerva, our award-winning AerWave technology allows us to level the playing field of OOH marketing by adding social, digital, and interactive dimensions to the mix. Below are only 3 examples of what our tech platform can do to revolutionize your marketing strategy.

1) Make Your Displays Interactive

Even an attractive digital display isn’t enough to maximize audience engagement; just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean people are paying attention to it!

AerWave solves that problem by making displays interactive, and thereby invites participation from viewers. Our interactive apps allow audience members to send pictures, texts, tweets, and a variety of other media directly to a digital display.

For example, our technology allowed GetSchooled and their corporate sponsors, Viacom and the Taco Bell Foundation, to team up and put together a “Times Square Yearbook” where high school students that made the promise to graduate (or that recently graduated) could send pictures of themselves to a Times Square billboard with a specialized message, promoting this year’s record-breaking graduation rate! A message becomes a lot easier to get across when you can take part in it.

2) Capitalize on Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile is the next up-and-coming sphere for marketers to capitalize on. Aerva makes mobile a huge piece of any OOH campaign via our interactive mobile app widgets. Like in the above example, these nifty tools allow users to interact directly with digital displays, but this time with the devices they’re most likely to have on hand.

It’s also easy to reward consumers for participation via mobile: our Keepsake Platform takes pictures of every user that ends up on a billboard, and sends them a photo of their moment in the limelight for them to share via social feeds!

3) Maximize User-Generated Content

The best part about Aerva’s apps is that they allow every individual member of an audience to participate in the display process by showcasing their homegrown content. Rather than targeting a large group of people, marketers can encourage participation from individuals, adding a dimension of personalization to any holistic strategy.

This Mother’s Day, Aerva and Clear Channel Spectacolor partnered up to allow people from across the country to tweet or email sentimental pictures to a digital billboard in Times Square.

Aerva’s technology can be tailored to any innovative marketing strategy. Get in touch with us to find out what Aerva can do for you today!