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3 of our Favorite Digital Out of Home Campaigns

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of digital signage, and all of the fun things marketers can do with it. Below, we’ve picked out some of our favorite digital OOH campaigns that we’ve worked on throughout the years. Take a look and see if they get the creative juices stirring for your next big OOH idea!

1) Beats by Dre Times Square Takeover

Doing work for one of the coolest sets of headphones around was pretty much guaranteed to be a memorable experience. For a full day, people in Times Square could get their photo taken at one of 6 photo booths wearing the Beats headphones. Our Pic2Screen app scheduled all of the photos to be displayed across 3 billboards—two displayed individual pictures in real-time, while the third projected an impressive collage of recent photos.

We love this campaign because it shows just how important having interactive elements is when planning DOOH campaigns for effective branding. Rather than display ads of the headphones in our space, we let consumers display themselves using them, and were thereby able to communicate the brand’s urban and entertaining elements much more effectively. By going beyond static mass-advertising, we were able to pull off something that was unique and unforgettable.

2) Taco Bell- Doritos Locos Tacos Wall of Fame

What’s more exciting than a taco shell made out of Doritos? Being asked to get the word out about said delicious taco. Taco Bell and their agency Draft FCB tapped us to help with the launch of Doritos Locos Tacos, and we were happy to oblige.

Taco Bell asked consumers to tweet their excitement about their latest menu addition with the hashtags #Contest and #DoritosLocosTacos for a chance to have a truck full of tacos visit their house (the tweet with the most retweets won). Via AerWave’s moderation software, the most appropriate tweets were displayed on two billboards—one in Times Square, and the other on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Tweeters were automatically sent a keepsake photo commemorating their time on the billboard.

This campaign was awesome because it allowed us to show how effective integrating social media and DOOH marketing can be. Incorporating Twitter allowed consumers who were nowhere near the billboards to take part in the fun and catch onto the trend. Rather than just reaching the population that passed by the two signs, we were able to engage a global audience!

3) Ogilvy-Media Lab Launch

Ogilvy, one of the world’s largest media agencies, got to experience the perks of AerWave firsthand during an internal event it had at its New York Office back in 2009. A day-long corporate event may not be most people’s idea of entertainment, but our software definitely helped employees stay engaged! Attendees were able to send pictures and texts to digital displays throughout, and when asked questions, they were able to answer via our Poll2Screen mobile app.

The Ogilvy event is one of our favorites because it goes to show that AerWave can be effective in smaller, intimate settings in addition to larger ones. Rather than use our software to manage a campaign for a client, Ogilvy used us to manage an internal gathering for fewer people and in an indoor venue. Location and amount of attendees aside though, the results were still the same—more attentive viewers and innovative ways to display information!