October 17, 2016

Using Banking Digital Signage Networks for Employee Communication


The banking vertical is no stranger to digital signage. If you walk down the streets of any major city, like New York, Boston, or Chicago, it will not be long before you see a bank outfitted with various sizes and configurations of digital LCD displays. Window displays feature home mortgage interest rates and incentives for opening a checking account, while displays in the waiting area will show promotions for existing customers, and digital screens behind bank tellers may show stock tickers and “ambiance” content. All of these digital signage applications for banks are important, but one application that is often overlooked by banks and financial institutions is the ability to use it as an employee communication channel.

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October 05, 2016

Quick Tips for Digital Signage: Avoid Black Screens and Save Bandwidth

There is no worse feeling for digital signage operators than when the display is black, showing error messages, or sections of content are not loading properly. Several reasons can be attributed to this “black screen,” but one that's easy to avoid is choosing a signage software system that will cache (download) the content locally to the media player. This means that when the internet connection is dropped, the media player will continue to output appropriate content and not go black or display error messages.

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September 22, 2016

Fall Content Ideas for College, University and Higher-Ed Signage Networks

After the first few weeks of school, things are finally beginning to hit their natural groove. Now is a great time to start thinking about ways to take your higher-ed digital signage deployment to the next level. Below are five content ideas to enhance your school's digital signage deployment this semester.  

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September 09, 2016

Top 7 Digital Signage Uses in Convention Centers

Most convention centers around the world have installed some form of digital signage throughout their facilities. From large LED signs out front to information displays inside meeting rooms, convention centers are quickly becoming a category leader in the digital signage industry. Although many convention centers currently utilize digital signage, they may not be taking full advantage of all that signage can offer for their venue and events.

Below are 7 ways in which convention centers can take full advantage of their digital signage program.

MCCA in Boston are category leaders in using digital signage, with complex, state-of-the-art networks inside and outside their convention centers.

1.     Generate Revenue – Convention center visitors are a targeted group that advertisers will pay to be in front of. Show sponsors and exhibitors are always looking for ways to drive traffic to their booth and in-event advertising is a great way to do it. Exhibitors aren't the only ones interested in advertising either. Local businesses, like restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues who want to entice event attendees to visit them, will jump at the chance to promote themselves to this out-of-town audience. With digital signage, it's easy to help advertisers better target their audience. Companies can advertise during specific events and only at times of day that are relevant to their customers, meaning that they can more effectively utilize their marketing dollars. If you are a convention center and are not selling media space on your digital screens, then you are missing out on a large revenue potential opportunity. 

2.     Continually Updated Convention Schedules – Expo schedules can be complex. Often times there are multiple events taking place at a single convention center on any given day. This makes it challenging for visitors to get to where they need to go as they try to work their way through massive convention centers. With digital signage, convention centers can display timely information to all visitors for every event taking place throughout the center. Since each screen can be programmed independently with custom content, the convention center staff can better target messaging based on the schedule in that area, while also offering directions to other events talking place in different parts of the building. These up-to-the-minute schedules and directions streamline the visitor experience and limit the number of staff required to direct individuals and distribute printed event schedules. 

3.     Emergency Notifications – If there is an emergency in the convention center, you need a reliable and immediate way to convey information to visitors. The best digital signage software offers immediate content override capabilities so that the event staff can alert attendees of an emergency and the actions they should take. Although you hope this messaging system is never required, it's an important tool that all convention centers need in order to keep their visitors and staff safe in emergency situations. 

4.     Social Media and Mobile Audience Engagement – Everyone loves to tweet, Instagram and Facebook their event experience, showing the coolest booth or sharing the next ground-breaking technology. Event exhibitors also use social media to announce product launches and provide their booth information to visitors. With the right digital signage platform, all of this social data can be captured and displayed on the digital screens. Moderation tools can be put in place to prevent inappropriate content so that the event staff never has to worry about what is being shown on the screens. As new events come to the convention center, the social media streams can be seamlessly switched over to the next set of social feeds that match up with the upcoming event. 

2016 Boston Wine Expo integrated dynamic content via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook throughout the show.

5.     Live Streaming Event Content – To increase the visitors at keynote speaker events, many convention center signage networks are beginning to live-stream events on their digital screen network. Exhibitors love this capability as they can now reach individuals who do not know that the keynote is going on. For large convention halls, visitors may even just sit and watch the keynote from a comfortable quiet location rather than going to the keynote itself.  Large organizations that come to your convention center to host their events will love having this functionality as an offering. 

6.     Transit and Traffic Information – Many Expo visitors leave straight from the center to catch their flight, train or ride. The best-of-breed digital signage allows convention centers to integrate live data feeds for flight, train, and subway schedules to give visitors an easy place to quickly see how they are doing on time. Also, up-to-the-minute traffic can be shown on the screen to make sure that visitors don’t miss their flight due to an accident or road work if they need to take a cab to the airport. 

7.    Enhanced Offerings to Exhibitors - When industry organizations and companies look for convention centers to host their events, they look for more than just a space large enough to fit their attendees. In the competitive market for events, a strong digital signage program can enhance the convention center's offering. Being able to deliver timely and relevant messaging to event attendees is extremely important and can help the event not only run smoother, but also give event sponsors more opportunities to display their messaging. The right management and presentation of the digital signage program can help the sales staff close more deals and bring more events to your convention center. 

If you would like to learn more about digital signage for convention centers, please contact Aerva to talk to a member of our team. 


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June 08, 2016

Easy Ways for Higher Education to Utilize Digital Signage

Higher education institutions of all sizes are turning to digital displays to create centralized information centers for their employees and students. Below, we’ve listed a few ideas for ways universities and colleges can use digital signage alongside our software, based on work our actual clients have done. Check them out!

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May 11, 2016

3 Ways Aerva can Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

In an age when digital platforms seem to be rapidly expanding, standard marketing techniques are gradually becoming less and less effective. This rings especially true for Out of Home (OOH) strategies.

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April 14, 2016

Evolution of Digital Display Networks: Outdoor Displays

Digital display networks seem to appear everywhere. Every time you turn around there is a new series of video screens feeding a stream of information, whether they are in cafes, airports, office buildings, elevators and even in bathrooms. This sudden eruption of information is thanks, in part, to a perfect storm of technology and price that includes an ever decreasing price of hardware and network bandwidth, along with the omnipresence of personal devices and social media.

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March 11, 2016

Incorporating Digital Signage into Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are generally under-utilized as employees are often unaware that they even exist. Many employers struggle to create awareness- let alone foster participation. Keeping the attention of your audience determines the success of your program.

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March 07, 2016

How to Engage your Customers in a Connected World

Original article posted on American Express Open Forum

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February 18, 2016

3 of our Favorite Digital Out of Home Campaigns

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of digital signage, and all of the fun things marketers can do with it. Below, we’ve picked out some of our favorite digital OOH campaigns that we’ve worked on throughout the years. Take a look and see if they get the creative juices stirring for your next big OOH idea!

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